Employees compare different types of paper

Certified Eco-Friendly Materials

Bayaya opts for eco-friendly craft paper and other green materials to make our tabletop games, all sourced from well-vetted suppliers.

Using sustainable materials, we help brands appeal to a broader audience while improving product quality and profit.

Certified Factory and Papers

As an esteemed tabletop game manufacturer, our facility has certifications from FSC and BSCI, which only 35% of the industry has.

Choosing Bayaya as your tabletop game maker gives you the confidence that your games are made ethically and with sustainable practices.

FSC certification
The processing pipeline above the oil dryer

Treatment of Emissions and Waste

To ensure green manufacturing, all gas and water waste goes through the proper process before releasing, protecting our environment.

Additionally, all excess materials are brought to centralized collection and treatment facilities after production.