Our Core Value is Leading Us

Bayaya envisions being the industry-leading tabletop game manufacturer in China. With our material, production and quality control management, we consistently provide customer-first quality tabletop game solutions and premium services to the global market.

Board Game Materials That Make the Difference

Folding Resistance

Top-grade materials won’t easily bend or wrinkle with gradual use.

Moisture Resistance

The cards retain their pristine condition even after extended storage.

Discoloration Resistance

Silky ink coloring and opaqueness help the print stay clear and crisp.

Discussing with Customers

Making the Game Process Smooth and Seamless

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Conceptualizing a tabletop game is already a challenge for game creators – bringing them to life shouldn’t add to this burden.

As a one-stop board game manufacturer, Bayaya delivers exceptional production capabilities to ensure fast and error-free printing to get your games out there.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Custom Tabletop Games


With tight competition in the tabletop game market, creating one that stands out will define its success.

Bayaya’s assortment of customization options allows game creators to develop tabletop games that will capture the lasting appeal of its players.

Quality Guaranteed
Fully-automated factory

Automation for Expedited Tabletop Game Production


Reducing the timeframe from concept to release can determine the success of youe game project.

Utilizing an 85% automated production lines, we can manufacture your tabletop games with impeccable precision and ensure they’re released quickly to your market.

Cutting-Edge Technology For Elevates Your Game Packaging

Precise Packaging & Automated Sorting

Bayaya’s automated sorting machine mixes and packages your card games according to your preferences, with customization capabilities for unlimited card combinations.

This technology will help game creators create marketable card games that are easily accessible to players while taking advantage of collectible card features.

How Quality Strengthens Brand Identity

Batch Inspection

Regular batch inspection allows our QC team to guarantee consistency from end to end.

Double Inspection

After every production step, a second round of audits assures no defective piece leaves the line.

Features Inspection

Meticulous scrutiny of card features like finishing and bending degree ensure they perform as expected.