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Hassle-Free Collaboration For Game Companies & Creators

It’s essential to understand that it takes a lot of manpower, time, money and effort to bring a tabletop game from nothing to reality.

Here at Bayaya, we encourage our employees to create with the same passion as gamers and to work like professional game makers.

In the process of producing your game, we insist on close communication, quick response and pragmatic execution.

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Reviewing Samples


Experts with an extended background in the gaming market provide in-depth consultation on your game products, such as printing, shipping, and marketing requirements. All solutions we offer come with 5 days of proofing to show the feasibility of the process. You will also receive a sample of your product before we proceed to mass printing.



Bayaya ensures an accurate depiction of your game’s text, design, color, graphics, and other content on the card or game pieces. The meticulous proofing of the content’s accuracy guarantees high customer satisfaction with your trading cards, board games, and card games. 

Matte treated card surface


We have a rich color palette to create specific colors for your game design and graphics. All game cards are oiled before drying to preserve the color and ink. In addition, we offer divese treatments such as UV, foil stamping, embossing, golden edge, and silver edge under one roof to save you time and money.

Finished Product Inspection 1

Surface Preparation

With our production capabilities, you can apply a matte or gloss finish and a varnish or lamination finish to your cards and game pieces. Bayaya’s automated oiling machine accurately applies the proper finishing to your cards within a short lead time.

Automatic sorting machine stacking cards

Cutting & Trimming

The Precision of our automated trimming and cutting machines with a 0.01mm accuracy ensure your cards have the correct dimensions. We can also create accurate trims on the four edges of the card while leaving behind a clean & burr-free edge.

Accurate load cell sensors

Sorting & Stacking

Your expansion pack, blind bag, and game box will have the proper random assortment of cards with our Industry 4.0-powered sorting and stacking machines. Bayaya ensures your packs have the correct number of common, uncommon, and rare cards or the proper order of rarities according to your specifications.

Cropping the four corners of the card


Special weighing machines with ±0.01g of accuracy are used to guarantee every card pack has the correct number of cards or content. In addition, we offer a wide range of custom packaging for your cards or board games, including cardboard boxes, lidded tin boxes, heat shrink packages, and much more.