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More Than a Regular Game Maker

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What We Do

Welcome to Bayaya, a factory dedicated to developing custom trading cards, board games, card games and other tabletop games for a global audience.

With robust industry know-how, solid supply chain management, and reliable quality control, we’re your choice best tabletop  game manufacturers in the business.

How We Help

With thousands of trading cards and board games proven in the market, we will be your must-have partner in the tabletop game industry.

We utilize modern technological implements like advanced cutting and sorting machines to make your games stand out ith accuracy and playfulness.

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We Are Also A Story Teller

Exported to Europe, America and Asia, Bayaya manufactures trading cards, board games and card games in over 7 languages.

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Bring joy to players and benefit to creators. Make more tabletop games come true under Bayaya's manufacturing.

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From Players to Partners, We Know How to Get Things Done

Physical tabletop games are always challenging to produce.

At Bayaya, we’re passionate about bringing your ideas to life and offer an assortment of services to make your games more captivating and marketable.

Our Philosophy

We Are Guided

Our Vision is to become a first-class board game manufacturer and continuously provide professional products and quality services to the global market.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Low CO2 Emission

Our facility and machinery produce low carbon emissions, reducing our carbon footprint and improving our eco-friendly practices.

Approved Raw Materials Source

All materials are sourced from reliable suppliers with a reputable record of responsible production from global accreditors.

Sustainable Production

For better production and lower material waste, we adhere to smart manufacturing techniques and accurate cutting.

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