Reliable Materials

Raw Materials Room

Only the Best Paper Materials for Your Games

Well-sourced & Well-selected

Bayaya only uses the finest papers for your games as a globally competitive tabletop game maker.

All of our raw material suppliers must be carefully reviewed by the factory and submit qualified material safety reports.

When the material arrives at our facility, our dedicated QC team conducts rigorous tests on factors such as toxicity, environmental friendliness, appearance and robustness.

This shows how you value the quality, also ensuring your tabletop games can be played multiple times and under different circumstances, giving players long hours of fun.

Let the Figures Speak for Themselves

Consistent 10g Coating

Following Japanese paper practices, our materials have a coating amount of 10g per sheet. The uniform coating guarantees optimal ink absorption and penetration, leading to lasting prints.

180° Reciprocal Folding

Divided into horizontal and vertical folding resistance, this increases with the degree of pulp used to make the paper material. Bayaya uses paper material that has the best folding resistance in the market.

Different types of Card Games

Let the Figures Speak for Themselves

Eco-friendly Paper

300g Blue Core Paper

Commonly used for board game, trading card, card game.

Double Copper Paper

310gsm Black Core Paper

Commonly used for casino playing card.

Protecting Your Game IP Through Anti-counterfeit Features

Protect your intellectual property and potential sales by adding anti-counterfeit measures to your trading cards and games. We have a steady supply of means to add authentic markings to your pieces, including secret marks and patterns.


How Our Paper Materials Stand Out

Our papers give a first-grade touch and restore to shape after bending.
Each 3-layered paper can withstand double folding up to 135 times.
Refined coating process enhances the smooth and glossy finish of the cards.
Modern printers and top-grade ink guarantee clear letterings, and images.

More Material Choices

Eco-friendly Paper
Double Copper Paper
Removable Sticker