Advanced Sorting

Leading Sorting Technology

Depending on the board or card game mechanics, we learn that game makers require dedicated sorting and dispensing machines to achieve better sales and player satisfaction.

Bayaya’s automatic sorting machines were made by listening and collecting various customer data, ensuring they meet diverse market demands at a lower cost.



Sorting and dispensing quantities can be modified to suit the game’s specific rule settings.


The mechatronic control system accurately calculates the sorting model and dispenses the exact cards on each package.


Continuously sort and stack large volumes of cards on each package without the need for human intervention.

A row of manipulators of the sorting machine

Precision Dispensing, Satisfied Player Base

Bayaya’s automated card sorting machine allows each pack to be loaded with the right quantity without unwanted repetition.

The efficient technology lets game creators take advantage of revolutionary game mechanics while encouraging multiple purchases that lead to better profits.



Expert consultants study your game concept and provide expertise on sorting rules.


Our team reviews your requirements twice before sorting to guarantee accurate card distribution.


A seasoned inspector will then review the cards after sorting them for 100% batch consistency.

Stacking cards into the machine


As a trading card specialist, we’re committed to helping your tabletop game excel in the market. Whether you have a simple or complicated game setting, we modify the sorting and stacking process under your demand for maximized production efficiency, creating further potential game purchase volume and customer satisfaction.