Full Automation

Fact Check on Bayaya Factory

Factory Size
Automation Scale
Games Cards Per Day

Well-equipped Production Facilities

Bayaya’s automated production facilities enables us to produce 20,000 pcs of game cards per day, ensuring your order of high-grade board and card games is completed on time.

Card trimming
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Burr removal
Card printing

Enhancement in Quality Management

Our automated shop shortens production cycles and contributes to efficiency and quality rates in quality inspection as our cards are produced according to standard process.

The automatic trimming machine helps to cut the corners and edges of the cards with better precision. The ±0.01mm deviation makes our cards stand out in the market with undeniable cutting accuracy.

Quality Inspection

Reasons to Invest in Bayaya

Card Refinement

The card stiffness is improved thanks to our automatic oiling and drying machine that offer twice treatment on the cards.

Card Precision

An accurate trimming machine automatically cuts the cards into the specified dimensions without any burrs or defects.

Card Exclusivity

We protect your IP right when manufacturing your cards through our automated facilities using the advanced anti-counterfeit papers.

How Automation Helps Your Board Game Business

You can stay ahead in the gaming market when working with Bayaya due to the following advantages.

Our automated production line utilizes the latest Industry 4.0 technology for superior efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing your cards.

We offer competitive prices when producing your cards and games by automating most of our factory and decreasing manual labor.

All board game pieces have a consistent quality and appearance thanks to the accuracy and efficiency of our automation solutions.

The speed and precision of our automated machines can complete bulk orders within the expected delivery date without sacrificing quality.

Bayaya can minimize raw material waste and power consumption due to our Industry 4.0 technology-powered automation capabilities.

Employees operating automated machines