Quality Management

96% Good Quality Rate

Bayaya prides ourselves on quality control.

With our careful selection of raw materials, we take the quality of our product cards to a new level so that players can enjoy the pleasure of high quality game cards in any environment.

The quality inspection team and refined quality testing make your cards stand out with good toughness and sturdiness in the publicity. They will not be deformed even after being stored in the warehouse for a long time.

Qualified Raw Materials

Bayaya only source raw materials from verified and vetted suppliers that provide a safety report on their products.

Overall Quality Control

Factory staff follows a standard SOP on quality control throughout production to comply with international standards on quality and safety.

Specialized Testing Team

Dedicated QC workers conduct thorough tests through the production and assembly process of your games to meet your expectations.

Best Practices and Details in Quality Management

Finished Product Inspection
1-2% Extra Quantity

We provide an additional 1-2% cards for customers to replace and stock to prepare for any losses and ensure full stock during promotions and games.

100% Responsibility

We have full control over our manufacturing and quality control, ensuring consistency in our production process.

2 Hour Calibration

To fulfill your requirements, we adjust the mold every 2 hours for cutting and trimming the cards to ensure they are accurately shaped.

Our Recognition from The Global Market


World-Class Quality Tests For Diverse Tabletop Games

Material Test
Appearance Test
Folding Test
Stiffness Test
Waterproof Test
Drop Box Test

World-Class Quality Tests For Diverse Tabletop Games

Our Certifications

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