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Bayaya utilizes the best raw materials in adherence to international safety standards. In addition, we also practice elevated R&D, printing, distribution, and packaging techniques for better-quality end products.



Your Game, Your Way: Premium Customization

Custom Materials

Choose from our assortment of paper types and thicknesses to enhance your board game’s appeal.

Custom Size

Tailor the card game pieces to fit your specific game concept.

Custom Finishing

Finish your board game pieces with hot stamping, embossing, brushing, and gold or silver edging.

Custom Treatment

Add a layer of protection to your card game pieces with a matte or glossy varnishes and lamination.

Custom Packaging

Enclose your board game pieces with top-grade shrink wraps, bags, and other packaging options.

Custom Design Templates

Our designers can provide assistance to create impactful game and packaging designs.

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ModelWFFN 25*2WFFN 25*2
Output (T/H)4.0-5.06.0-8.0
Power2×18.5/22-4 KW2*30/37-4 KW
Air volume (M3/H)3000-40004000-5000
Static pressure in machine(MM,H2O)1150 KG1300 KG
WeightWFFN 18×2WFFN 25*2
Dimensions(L*W*H)1832x1218x1985 MM2067x1340x1945 MM

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